12 wire wooden soapсutter high brown

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The production time of your order is 1-5 business days. It is often available and sent faster.

Updated model:
- slightly redesigned some details
- significantly increased service life due to new mounts and connections
- increased strength of some parts
- higher quality pegs gear

This cutter is designed for cutting cold and hot processed soap.
Cutter will not cut melt and pour soap.

Built from durable and eco-friendly birch plywood, our multi-bar cutter perfectly cuts 25.4 mm = 1" thick pieces, the loaf up to any length, 4” wide x 4 3/4” tall.
Dimensions of cutter: 17.7" long x 10.8" wide x 8" tall 
The surface for soap is made from High Density Polyethylene. 
Strong strings from an acoustic guitar with optimal size 018. For convenience, I put a spare string as a gift. It is enough for 2 times. Strings very rarely can tear, but easily change. Video for the replacement of strings: https://youtu.be/ayvP7YKvXgQ

I make any changes in size in 2-3 working days so that the cutter is ideally suited to your tasks. Also, I do qualitatively any individual orders for soapmakers at the best prices.
Ask me and I will quickly answer your questions.

All cutters have the same principle. It is necessary to apply pressure (pressure) for cutting pieces of soap. To reduce string pressure and apply less effort, you need to cut fresh soap cooked in a cold way. Try to find your ideal time for chopping to get the most out of this.

The difference between flat cutters and high ones is that a high-cutter can hold a batch of any length.

If the soap has any fun stuff like lavender buds or salt on top of your soap 
loaf, you'll want to cut the soap with the "toppings" face down. Otherwise, 
the wires will pull and drag the toppings through the cuts and cause drag lines.
It is important to cut partially cured soap. Soft soap won't cut cleanly and 
your loaf may become disfigured. However, really hard soap is very difficult 
to cut through and can result in a broken wire (or two).
Once soap has been cut, leave cutter in "down" position to remove soap
before lifting the handle back up.
Clean the individual wires after every loaf cut. Leftover bits may cause noticeable drag lines on the next loaf.
Have fun!
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